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There are rules for domain names, and failure to comply will mean that the domain names...
Can i cancel my domain?
Yes, but there is not a lot of point, no refunds will be given when a domain is cancelled,...
Can i register a name that is someones trade mark?
This is a difficult area, technically if the name is available you can register it.However its...
Can i sell my domain?
Yes you can..The amount you sell it for is between you and the buyer, also there is a fee fro....
How long does it take for a domain to propagate?
Domains usually take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to propagate, although this process may...
How many domains should i buy??
To run a website you only need 1 domain name.. but if you are buying a name for business use you...
If i buy a domain must I buy hosting?
NO,You can just buy a domain name, and not buy hosting, a common reason to do this is to reserve...
My Domain name is missing from my account
We are in the process of migrating to a new management/billing platform, data is being migrated...
What happens when a domain expires?
After a domain expires, it will be available for registration by anybody. It is recommended to...
What is a Domain Name
A domain is a human-readable name assigned to an IP address to make accessing websites much...
What is a Parked Domain
A parked domain is a domain that simply redirects users to a different domain. For instance, if...
What is a Sub Domain
A subdomain is a subsection of a main domain, in this format:subdomain.maindomain.comSub domains...
What is an addon domain?
An addon domain is a domain that can be added to an existing hosting account and exist as its own...
When i register a domain is it mine forever?
In short - NoWhen you register a domain its for a certain period, mostly 2 years, but some...
Which is best or .com?
This is a difficult one, as it partly depends on your plans for the name!  was...

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