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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Billing > Why are you more expensive tha XXX company?


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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Billing > Why are you more expensive tha XXX company?

Why are you more expensive tha XXX company?

We can not be cheaper than everyone..  In some cases the prices being advertised by some companies are cheaper than it costs to provide the service. Its fact that a company can not survive when they continually make a loss. And if you are making a loss you have to cut some corners like minimal or no support staff etc.
Another this we have found is that many of the 'cheap' companies have deceptive prices, that are either cheap only for the first year, then theres a price hike or they charge for extras that should be free, and in some cases we saw lots of hidden charges.
We don't charge lots of hidden fee's!!  So when comparing prices don't just compare the first price shown to you add the item to the shopping basket and follow through to the checkout, see what the final cost is..  Also find out what the cost is for renewal in a years time, and is there release or support fee's.

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