How can I add SPF records to my domain name?

There is a generator on website which will create SPF records for you.
You may want to make note to allow the IP address to send messages for your domain if you use the webmail application.

You will then need to enter this by going to the domain management area,
choosing the domain you wish to manage and then going to the DNS management link.

Near the bottom of the page is the option to "Create New TXT Records".
In here you should leave the "Subdomain" field blank, unless you have an email address of the form, in which case you would add sub

In the "Text" field you should enter the SPF record as it was created on the record website.

As with all DNS changes, this can take up to 24 hours to become active.

If you are sending to Hotmail users, you may also need to setup senderid. For more information please see

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