Do you store my credit card number?

No we do not store your credit card number, when you make a purchase you enter your card detail on our site, these are passed to our payment provider via a secure link.

We store the last 4 digits of your card number alnong with the expiry date, the last 4 digits is just for your referance so you can see what card you used. the expiry date is so we can advise you when you need to update your card details through our site for future payments.

An encrypted token(id number) is stored so that when you wish to make further orders, or its time for a subscription payment, this token is pasted to the payment gateway along with the details of the transaction and payment is taken from your cards.

All this is done with out us ever having access to your card details, this means that even if we get hacked no one ever has access to your payment details.

This is called: tokenized payment gateway    feel free to search on google for more information if you wish to see the benefits of this method

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