We have installed a new Live Chat to the website.

Live chat is accessed from the orange box at the top right of the page, we chose to move to Olark instrad of our self hosted solution for a couple of reasons.

1, self hosted can use quite a of server resourses particularly when you have multiple operators
2, more features in externally hosted solutions.

Olark allows you to chat using any xmpp compatbe i pograms such as:

Audium forr the mac
Beejive and im plus for the iphone or android
gtalk for windows... Plus mant more..

With xmpp you can set priorties, so the hightest priorty app will get the chat..  So if you iphone is priority 10 and you pc is priorty 11, when you pc is on it will get the messages, when its off the will be pushed to your phone.

Or you can have them all with the same priority and the message will goto all devices..

See how can use olark on your site at www.olark.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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