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Web and Email Forwarding

Our web and email forwarding plan costs just £1.20 a month or £11.99 per year.

A control panel is included so you can change forwarding destinations as required.



What is URL / Web Forwarding? URL / Web Forwarding allows you to forward requests for a domain name to an existing website. example, you already have a website:, you buy a new domain name(s) with our forwarding plan requests for will send visitors to What is email Forwarding In a similar way to URL forwarding, and email sent to your new domain name can be forwarded to an existing email address. Why would i want url/email forwarding? There could be many reasons, here is just a few: 1, Your existing web address is long and you want something shorter or more memorable. 2, Its very complicated to move your existing site, but want a new domain name. 3, You have a need for a new name for a marketing offer, and want to direct visitors to part of your existing site. There could be many other reasons. How long does it take to setup? Normally everything can be running within a few hours. Can i change the destination of the forwarding? Yes, you will have control panel access where you can change the forwarding as often as you like. How long does it take to setup? Normally everything can be running within a few hours.

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We offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all of our web hosting plans

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